A to Z: C

  • Cathleen Calbert

    Cathleen Calbert was featured in Volume V of Poetry International.

  • e. e. cattings

    Poetry International 22/23
    “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond my front door”

  • Paul Celan
    Date of Birth: March 30, 1844

    Poetry International Weblog

  • Kate Clanchy

    Poetry International 20/21
    “The Bridge over the Border”

  • George Elliott Clarke
    Date of Birth: February 12, 1960

    Poetry International 7/8
    “20th Century History”

  • Wanda Coleman

    Poetry International Issue 5
    “Ad Nauseam”
    “The Unexpressed”

  • Merle Collins
    Date of Birth: September 29, 1950

    Poetry International 15/16
    “Somebody walking over my grave”

  • Billy Collins

    Poetry International 10

  • Lisa Combrinck
    Date of Birth: 1967

    Poetry International 7/8
    “The problem with words”

  • Peter Cooley

    Poetry International 1
    “For Hamlet”
    “In Possibility”

  • Robert Cooperman

    Robert Cooperman was featured in Volume V of Poetry International.

  • Brandon Courtney

    from KEEL II. The past survives inside my mind: somehow they are still alive: all their bodies side-by-side surface, blister sea to breathe azure. Above, below, above their eyes sunk…

  • Barbara Crooker
    Date of Birth: November 21, 1945

    Poetry International 5
    “The Gyre”
    “In The Camargue”

    Poetry International 12

    Poetry International Weblog

  • Mary Crow

    Trances I. Automatic pilot: I come to and wonder how I got to Elizabeth Street, half way home. I shrink my focus till my attention is on the gear shift…